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We are Short Term Vacation Rental Experts!!! One of the owners of the company is also a client. Our goal is to make you more money on your property because when you make more money, we make more money. We follow industry-best practices like comparative pricing, direct booking site and a strong social media presence to maximize your rentals so you don’t have to. We have the team, the technology, the time, the tools needed to keep your listings fresh and to ensure that we are maximizing earning potential for your property. We participate in many online trainings offered by the platforms to make sure that we are staying ahead of the game!

We come out to your home, perform a safety inspection according to rental inspection regulations to make sure that the house is safe for guests and that you are protected financially with your insurance company. We assist with home set up offering valuable advice and recommendations that can help keep the bookings coming in, save you money and ensure a 5 star experience for your guests.

Creating successful listings is a balance and we know the equation!! Quality pictures by a photographer that is fairly priced and showcases the beauty of your home.

We utilize dynamic pricing tools and comparative strategies to keep your listing competitive in the short term rental arena!

We coordinate with HOA’s to make sure that guests are registered and registration fees (if applicable) are paid in full prior to guest arrival.

Our guest relations team is awesome and our inquiry response time is 100%!! Quick response times to guest inquiries ensures that prospective guests won’t go on to explore other options and possibly book another property. This is a high priority with us and our team.

Guest communication is key. Our guest services team is on standby and able to quickly respond to inquiries, questions, emergencies so that we can resolve issues and send out team members to deal with emergencies within a timely manner. We have a 24 hour emergency hotline that guests can call/text and always be sure to get a timely response.

Our cleaning team is CDC and Safestay certified to make sure that your home is cleaned & disinfected in between each guest. We also monitor and recommend additional cleaning services as needed like carpet cleaning and property clean ups (leaves) and connect you with excellent and professional subcontractors to get the work done in the most cost effective way. We only use a licensed, certified, insured and bonded hot tub, spa & pool maintenance company to ensure that they are always cleaned and maintained properly. The cost of this is rolled into your nightly rate.

We coordinate lawn care, secure seasonal plow contracts, handyman/repair and any type of home maintenance like chimney clean ups, HVAC service, sewer service, pest control, with subcontractors who provide excellent, professional and timely service. What ever your home needs, we can coordinate.

We track and manage your inventory (linens, toilet paper, paper towels etc.) and make sure that your guests have everything that they need for their stay. We ensure that the stock/inventory we secure is at the lowest prices!!!

We provide you with monthly and yearly financial statements so that you can keep track of all of your income and expenses for your home. Platforms like Airbnb and VRBO make sure that your state/local taxes are paid to the state and we take care of that with the direct booking site.

We provide a welcome book that includes all of the information, rules and area attractions your guest will need to have a great stay!!

Our team does check in checks and check out checks prior to each guest arrival to make sure that your house is ready for your guests.

Our team does check out checks for damage inspection after each guest. Damage claims are well documented and filed immediately. We follow through until you get paid.

We know that social media is important and we have a team that ensures that our social media presence is huge across Facebook, instagram and Tic Tok to ensure listing optimization!!

We make small adjustments as needed weekly in listings to ensure listing optimization as this resets the platform algorithms and puts your listing front and center.

Reviews are important and we stay on them!!

We also provide storm damage checks, and property checks as needed when homes are not booked.


Our introductory is 25% of the TOTAL NIGHTLY BOOKING AMOUNT, Other companies will take 25% of the total amount received. We don’t feel that is fair because then you are coming out of pocket for housekeeping and registration (if applicable). WE PUT MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET!!

We make money when you make money so we make increasing your revenue a full-time job!! we have the team and the time to get this done. There are no hidden fees and no up front costs for you.

We do require a contract that protects all of us, however, if you are unhappy with our services, you can walk away at any time PENALTY FREE!! That is our guarantee and we know you will be happy with our services.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Why go with a property management company?
A: There is a lot of work that goes into the day to day operations of your rental to make it make money. We take the headache out of all of that. we treat your home like it’s our home.

Q: Why do other companies only charge 10%?
A: We will never speak ill of a competitor company, however we have the resources in the local area to respond to your and your guests needs 24 hours/day. We are ‘boots on the ground’ meaning we are local and as such we have the resources to respond to yours and your guests needs immediately. Evolve requires homeowners to coordinate this for themselves. With us you have reliability of cleaners and other subcontractors, rental registrations are done in a timely manner by us, you have complete control over your listing, pricing, pictures and your home, we know this area and the communities we serve which is helpful to guest experiences, and you have peace of mind knowing that we always have eyes on your home. Check out our stats on AIRDNA.

Q: Is housekeeping included in the management fee?
A: The short answer is no. Our management fee covers our ability to manage your home and all of the different facets of your day to day operations like coordinating contractors, housekeeping, guest relations, advertising, managing inventory, restocking, check in /out checks 24 hour emergency service, etc. The housekeeping fee is paid by your guests so you are not out any money. This covers the staff, cleaning and disinfecting, laundry, inventory management, cleaning supplies (they use all of their own including vacuums, mops, trash bags and paper towels) and reset for next guest.

Q: How do you recover for damages?
A: We weigh each situation individually. Some situations are not as simple as a broken chair or excess garbage left behind. We want to be sure that our guest is leaving with a good experience and a good last impression of their stay. We have adopted the $100 rule. If anything is less than $100 it will be chalked up to the “cost of doing business.” This stained linens and/or towels. If there is damage above that, we will first speak to the guest to find out what happened and how to get it resolved. Our guests must take the $99 insurance policy through VRBO that covers up to $5000 in damage/theft. Airbnb offers AirCover which covers spot to $5000 in damages. We will put claims into the appropriate insurance company. We are adding this insurance to our direct booking site but until it is in effect, a $750 security deposit is collected. If a guest receives a fine we will provide a copy and request it to be paid through the platform with the assistance of the platform.

Q: What do I need to add to my homeowner’s policy?
A: You must let your homeowner’s insurance know that you are doing short term vacation rentals. Some offer a short-term rental rider, others offer balloon policy coverage. Typically the deductible with these policies is $1000. Please consult with your insurance agent for the best protection on your home.

Q: Can we get sued if someone gets hurt?
A: Anyone can attempt to sue for anything however this is seriously mitigated by a number of factors. First, we do a safety inspection according to state rental inspections guidelines. Second, Airbnb and VRBO provide $1,000,000 in liability coverage. Third, our guest contract has a hold harmless/use at your own risk clause in it for everything on your property from fire pits and bunk bed ladders to hot tubs and amenities. Our guests must sign this prior to arrival or they cannot come. Finally, we are working on adding liability coverage through our direct booking site.

If you have any other questions please be sure to ask!!

Renting Your Vacation Home Should Be Easy

  • Pricing should be fair and honest
  • Guests should have 24/7 emergency support
  • Your investment should be protected
  • Pictures should do your property justice
  • Your property manage should always be available
  • Your home should be spotless

How We Help You Rent Your Vacation Property

Getting You Set Up

Listing Your Home

We help you get your home priced right so you’re not leaving money on the table then we create optimized listings for you on sites like Airbnb, VRBO, and other vacation rental sites.

Delivering a 5-Star Guest Experience

Managing Reservations

Once guests book a reservation, we handle the contracts, rules, and even provide a welcome basket to enhance the experience.

Taking care of business after each stay

Clean-up and Repairs

We enlist the help of a 5-star cleaning service for each property, restock inventory, document damages, and handle repairs so you don’t have to deal with alll the hassle.

Want to take the next steps to getting property management without the the headaches? Request a free consultation and see if CG’s Vacation Property Rental is right for you.

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